Pink Smartwatch, two rose gold and white pens, open container with rose gold paper clips, pink desk pad and black folded glasses in front of some stray rose gold paper clips on a white background surrounding the phrase 'Back & Ready To Slay'. Cause I am back from hiatus and ready to slay.

I Am Back From Hiatus!

Hi everyone. Diyana here and I’m back here blogging again. This post is basically why I decided to take a hiatus, what has been happening and what is my plan for DiyanaMunira.Com.

What Has Been Happening?

It’s been a while since I went on hiatus. After being inactive since the 3rd quarter of 2021, I decided to do so in 2022. A lot of things have been happening. Here’s the summary:

  • My brother & sister-in-law have a son in 2021;
  • I reconnected with my high school friends;
  • I have been promoted from senior executive to manager;
  • I have been going on trips to Vienna and Istanbul with my family;
  • I am more involved in the standup comedy scene;
  • I launched my venture called MMLLO Studio on Gumroad providing free loose templates for digital planners (watch this space. More content coming up soon); and
  • I secured my first poster design gig (not really but yeah).

Why Did I Go On Hiatus?

Other than the whole I have been busy and overwhelmed with work and the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown is affecting my mental health road, I feel that I was not being sincere in blogging in the past. All I wrote was basically copying the style of famous curation sites such as Buzzfeed. I was trying too hard to become just like other successful lifestyle bloggers without being myself.

My Headline Analyser score for this post is 48/100. It stated that "A good score is between 40 and 60. For best results, you should strive for 70 and above." 

Ada sis kisah? Takde (Translation: Do I care? Nope.) For a post about why am I back on hiatus, I shouldn't care about this.
My Headline Analyser score for this post is 48/100. Ada sis kisah? Takde (Translation: Do I care? Nope.) For a post about why am I back on hiatus, I shouldn’t care about this.

Don’t get me wrong. All of my blog post ideas are 100% mine. It’s just the way of writing and formulating the title. I was too focused on the Headline Analyser score to the point I made my headlines too ‘Buzzfeed’ for my liking. I began to slowly detest blogging and slowly ventured into other content-creating platforms like TikTok and just focus on my offline life.

What’s My Plan?

First, I will be more sincere in my writing, this includes mixing up a bit of English with Malay. I will also add some cheeky comments (or at least try). Am I going to monetise this? Yes but in my own way. How? That one I figure out later.

My focus niche will be:

  • Self-development (cause we’re all work in progress)
  • Fashion & Beauty (well, I occasionally like to dress up)
  • Personal anecdotes about gaming and entertainment (I’m an in-house legal counsel and I have opinions)
  • A bit of personal finance (As a young adult, I want money and I like money)
  • Food (I am a Malaysian after all. Eating is our pastime.)
  • Travel stories (As a typical millennial, I like to travel)

What I won’t do even though I’m crazy, I’m just not a monster to do it:

  • Opinion on politics and current issues (While I try to keep up, it gets overwhelming)
  • Discussion on tech (I really like tech development and am interested but I am not well-versed to explain)
  • In-depth analysis of cryptocurrency and any other form of investment products (Despite investing in insurance, robo-advisor, shares and ETFs, I feel that this topic is not my style)
  • News (This is not a news portal and I am not a reporter)

So, watch this space. I will be posting more soon.


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